Young Sherlocks

Mary Jane, Jackie, Ernie, Farina

Production Notes

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Robert McGowan and Tom McNamara
Photography: Unrevealed
Editor: Unrevealed
Titles: H.M Walker
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: November 6, 1922
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Charles Stevenson - Police Officer
  • Charles Stevenson - Giovanna de Bullochi
  • Charley Young - Mary Jane's Father
  • Dick Gilbert - Motorist
  • Dick Gilbert - Gang Member
  • Dot Farley - Mary Jane's Mother
  • Ed Brandenberg - Gang Member
  • Joseph Morrison - Bank Extra
  • George Rowe - Baker
  • Roy Brooks - Gang Member
  • Wallace Howe - Gang Member
  • William Gillespie - Gang Member

The Short

Plot: Whenever Jackie isn't selling newspapers or Ernie isn't taking care of his "sister," Farina, the two of them are trying to be detectives. When Ernie loses some money down a sidewalk grating, gas fumes float out and he stumbles backward in slow motion from the effect across the street where he stumbles into the secret basement meeting place of the Mystic J.J.J.'s. The group tells him that only the most brave and fearless are allowed to enter which spurs Ernie to weave an incredible tale. He boasts an incredible story seen in flashback about how an escaped criminal kidnapped a young girl and held her for ransom. Ernie and Jackie find the kidnapper's hide-out with the help of Dinah The Mule. As Ernie faces off with the gang, Jackie rushes to find the girl's parents. Her father is so grateful to the boys for saving his daughter that he gives Ernie the $10,000 ransom he was going to give the kidnappers. Using the money, Ernie creates "Freetown," a kiddie paradise where everything is free and plentiful.


  • "Only the Brave an' Fearless enter here - What have you ever done?" - J.J.J. Member
    • "Yo'r gazin' at the bravest guy that evah traveled on feet - Listen ..." - Ernie


  • Even though the titles for this film refer to Jackie Condon as "Jackie", during the Freetown sequence towards the end of the film, a sign refers to him as "Mickey."
  • Ernie's real-life father, Joseph Morrison, appears in this short, but he most often appears credited as Ernie Morrison Sr., notably by Maltin And Bann in their book.
  • "J. J. J.'s" stands for "Jesse James Juniors."
  • Ernie and Farina's mother was probably played by Florence Hoskins, Farina's real-life mother, but available prints don't give a very clear picture of her.


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