Wild West Weekly as seen in Boys To Board (left) and Fly My Kite (right)


Wild West Weekly is a dime-store publication first read by 'Pop' Malone in 1923 by hiding it in a geography textbook while his class at the boarding school studies. The story in that issue, featuring Chief Grease-in-the-Hair, is so exciting it causes his thinning hair to stand on end. Seven years later, another issue is read by Grandma Mack to the Rascals in her home. The November 1, 1930 issue features the novelette, "Wanted: Devil Tripp," by Cleve Endicott as well as a story featuring Chief Bleeding Heart. The latter story is so spine-chilling that Grandma Mack ends up falling backward twice in her chair when startled by noises around the house, and finishing it while sitting on the floor. The issues are possibly valuable collectibles today.


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