Name: Waldo Albright
Nick Name: Wally (by his friends), Wallace (by Barclay), Waldo (by his mother)
Played By: Wally Albright Jr.
Born: 1925
Relatives: Mother
Clubs: None
First Short: Choo-Choo
Last Short: Washee Ironee


Bio: Wally Albright with the tousled blonde hair was the co-leader of the Little Rascals alongside Stymie in the years after Farina had left the neighborhood and before Spanky grew up. He grew up surrounded in priviledged surroundings with his wealthy parents and chauffeur Barclay, but one detour through the alleyways of town in Honky Donkey allowed him to escape his strict up-bringing, much like Mary Kornman ten years before him. In Washee Ironee, his mother, whom Wally calls "Mater," heavily dotes on him and wraps him up in a blanket to keep him from getting cold. She is a member of the Maids Of Olympia society group for whom Wally is always having to play his violin, but one gathering is disrupted by the gang exploring the house. On this occasion, they did not bring Algebra.
Out of the house, Wally plays football with the gang and camps out with the gang at Cherry Creek in The First Round-Up. Fortunately for him, the little kids, Spanky and Scotty, always know to bring the food and anything else he forgets. He develops an infatuation with Jane and tries to win her heart by helping to replace her sister's doll in Hi'-Neighbor!, but she instead flirts with Jerry Tucker when he arrives in town with a toy fire engine. Though he might have just asked his parents to buy him one, Wally seems to know it's more worth it to build it himself, something Jerry has yet to figure out. The difference between rich kids like Wally and Jerry is that Wally knows there is something more important than money while Jerry seems to have been corrupted by it, a fate Wally has saved himself from experiencing.
Quotes: None


  • Wally Albright is not to be confused with Waldo.
  • In Dell's Little Rascals comic book series of the late 50's and early 60's, there was a supporting character included called Waldo Worthington. Waldo was a rich friend of the Rascals, who preferred to be a regular member of the gang. It appears that this Waldo was designed after Wally's portrayal of a rich kid in Honky Donkey and Washee Ironee.

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