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Uh-Huh Collum


Name: Johnathan Collum
Nick Name: Uh-Huh
Played By: John Keith Collum
Born: Unrevealed
Relatives: None known
Clubs: Eagles Club, He-Man Woman-Haters Club
First Short: Free Wheeling
Last Short: Three Men In A Tub


Bio: Before Porky, Uh-Huh was the the original tag-along kid following behind the more popular kids. He never had much to say, but he agreed with just about everything. There's not much to say about him, but he actually lasted through almost seven years of Little Rascal adventures.
Appearing a bit irregularly in the series, Uh-Huh first appears at the Bleak Hill Boarding School in Mush And Milk where Old Cap gives him a little leeway in his lessons, but he later attends Adams Street Grammar School in Arbor Day with the rest of the gang. He is not above playing a little hooky to go fishing (Fish Hooky). He attends the same church as Spanky and Alfalfa in Little Sinner. Uh-Huh also plays football with the gang in Washee Ironee and becomes a member of the Eagles Club in The Pinch Singer. He also joins the He-Man Woman-Haters Club  as a boycott against Valentine's Day, but it's not known just how long that is going to last.