Miss Jones and her class

Production Notes

Length: One Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Gordon Douglas
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: William Ziegler
Titles: None
Released: September 26, 1936
Studio: M-G-M

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: Buckwheat and Porky have some fireworks to set off, but Spanky and Alfalfa are sure they'll have more fun with them than the little kids. The older boys try to trade for the fireworks with a water pistol and magnifying glass, but the younger kids aren't interested. Spanky and Alfalfa next use a phony mustache (cut from Alfalfa's proment cowlick no less!) and long dark raincoat to impersonate a G-Man (Spanky on Alfalfa's shoulders) to order the young boys to surrender the "illegal" explosives. This deception works, but before the two connivers can set them off, Buckwheat rings the bell to bring everyone back into class ahead of time. Miss Jones even thanks him for being helpful. With the fireworks in his pocket, Alfalfa is soon called to recite "The Charge Of the Light Brigade" in class. Inside the classroom, Porky uses his brother's magnifying glass to focus sunlight through the window on the firecrackers in Alfalfa's pocket. They start going off in perfect sync to Alfalfa's references to cannon fire in the spoken verse, just before exploding all together and sending Alfalfa to douse himself outside the schoolhouse in the rain barrel.
Quotes: None

  • Spanky and Alfalfa impersonating an adult later worked its way into The Little Rascals movie.
  • Possibly, Buckwheat and Porky got the fireworks from Joe Cobb's mother.
  • Darla Hood doesn't appear in this short.
  • Harold Switzer was the real-life brother of Carl Switzer.
  • Joe Strauch Jr. also worked as a stunt double for George McFarland as Spanky.
  • An alternate scenario for the script involved Miss Jones putting Alfalfa out with a fire extinguisher and Spanky using a water gun mysteriously filled with ink, but this was dropped for the final ending of everyone laughing together at the string of events.
  • Some promotional material listed Gus Meins as the film's director.


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