Trellis in Lazy Days


Trellis is Farina's girlfriend in Lazy Days, and is the only character in that film to display a lot of energy. She waits on Farina hand and foot until she has to go home to play with her little sister. Farina calls her "Trellis" at times, but more often calls her "Honey." She reappears at the end after Farina finds out a baby contest is over. When Farina asks her to swat a bee away since his is too lazy to do it himself, she clobbers him with a board on his nose, which swells to an enormous size.

Trellis was played by Jannie Hoskins.



According to, Trellis is also the name of Farina's younger brother who is watched over by Officer Kennedy in Moan & Groan, Inc.. This name, nor any other, is never used in that short, and the actress portraying this character, Betty Jane Beard, is the same as the one who played Hector in When The Wind Blows. Thus it is possible that the character in Moan & Groan, Inc. is actually Hector, who could also be the younger brother Farina said he "traded for a goat" in Bouncing Babies.