Toughy in The Sun Down Limited


Name: Gabriel (Saienz/Saenz) (Cartwright) (Dugan - mentioned in Derby Day)
Nickname: Toughy (in The Sun Down Limited), Banty (in A Quiet Street), Snoozer (in Commencement Day), Komp (in The Champeen!)
Played By: Gabriel Saienz
Born: Relatives: Clara (mother); Peggy (sister),
Clubs: Mystic J.J.J.'s, Cluck Cluck Klams, 4th Ave. Athalatick Club, Man-Eating Tiger-Cubs of Wildcat Alley
First Short: Young Sherlocks
Last Short: Uncle Tom's Uncle


Not much is known about Toughy despite his prominence as a pre-Butch neighborhood antagonist. In A Pleasant Journey, he's a runaway from San Francisco who switches clothes with one of the Rascals, but in A Quiet Street, he's the new kid in the neighborhood and the son of a cop. He has a dog and a sister, Peggy, but mostly what he does is pick fights with and antagonizes Mickey, particularly in Commencement Day and Joe Cobb in Baby Clothes, but in The Champeen!, he is shown as a member of the gang and is shown stealing apples with Ernie, which suggests only Ernie gets along with him enough to allow him to run with the gang. In fact, a flashback in Ask Grandma would seem to suggest that a relative of Toughy's once clashed with Mickey's mother. Toughy tends to run with a gang of rowdies known as the Man-Eating Tiger-Cubs of Wildcat Alley in Official Officers. He gets kicked out of the gang's athletic club in Every Man For Himself and later plays war with them on the exterior battle scenes at West Coast Studios in Dogs Of War!.
In addition to being the neighborhood tough, Toughy has a variety of other pursuits. He enjoys baseball in Giants Vs. Yanks, runs a betting booth in Derby Day and operates a life-size toy train on a stretch of deserted track in The Sun Down Limited, if only to revert to character and sabotage the Rascals's bigger more more superior makeshift train to rampage down Main Street. He also runs and operates his own rides at the gang's mini-amusement park in Boys Will Be Joys.
Toughy also attends the same school as the Rascals, bringing a beehive into the school in Commencement Day.
Quotes: None


  • Toughy is one of the characters almost entirely omitted by the Maltin and Bann book.

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