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Sidney "Woim" Kibrick


Name: Sidney (Kibrick)
Nick Name: The Woim/Woim
Played By: Sidney Kibrick
Born: 1928
Relatives: William (father), Mother (name unrevealed), Leonard (possible brother),
Clubs: Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks, The Eagles Club, Butch's Assassins
First Short: Anniversary Trouble
Last Short: Time Out For Lessons


Bio: Both Leonard and Sidney Kibrick are the sons of William Kibrick, the owner of a local toy and novelty store in town. (First shown in For Pete's Sake) Though we hear their mother's voice, she doesn't exactly appear on-screen. Like Sidney, Leonard is a bit of a tough, and Sidney takes after him after first starting out as a friend of the gang. He is in the Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks alongside his big brother, and they all help to razz Spanky to save him from a life of successive talent shows in Beginner's Luck. They even attend Adams Street Grammar School and church with the rest of the kids; Sidney's there when Alfalfa warns Spanky on the evils of skipping church in Little Sinner. However, when Tommy "Butch" Bond comes to town in Glove Taps after a period of absence, he seems to fill the vacancy left behind by Leonard in the neighborhood. (Just where Leonard goes is never revealed.)
Butch considers Sidney his second-in-command and starts calling him "The Woim." (or simply "Woim" for short). (Apparently, Tommy left Greenpoint for Brooklyn where he picked up that beautiful smarmy accent.) The two of them join forces to take over the neighborhood, throwing old tomatoes at Porky and Buckwheat and forcing Spanky and Alfalfa to hide as girls in ballet class. (Rushin' Ballet) However, most of their abuse is aimed at their favorite target: Alfalfa - maybe because he's so interesting in his deceptions to keep from getting beat up or because he can't fight worth a darn. The Woim continues playing football for the team, Butch's Assassins (Football Romeo), engages in Butch's loan shark operation (Dog Daze), and sinks so low as to sabotage the gang's go-kart in a race (Auto Antics). No matter what they do, they can't seem to win, and Spanky and the Gang always seem to come out on top.