Alfalfa, Darla and Spanky

Production Notes

Length: Two Reels
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Fred Newmeyer
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Louis McManus
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: January 4, 1936
Studio: M-G-M

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: The local radio station is having an amateur radio contest with $50 as the prize money so Spanky McFarland auditions everyone in the Eagles Club to discover their best talent to win it. Buckwheat gets caught whistling along to a phonograph, but Alfalfa thinks he's the logical choice with Harold backing him with the accordion, and with Spanky eyeing Pete with a mallet to the tail with a gong, he gets eliminated. Despite his best efforts in costume as an old lady and in blackface, Alfalfa loses out to Darla singing "I'm In The Mood For Love." Their singer found, Spanky just has to be there to meet her and get her on the radio. Unfortunately, Darla runs late and then gets her coat stuck in the elevator doors, and Alfalfa wastes no time to quickly fill in for her. Eyeing another gong off to the side, he hides it away in his case so he won't be interrupted as he was with Pete. Back at the clubhouse, the gang is listening on the radio, but hearing Alfalfa approach the microphone prompts them to rush to the drugstore, take over all the phone booths and quickly vote him through to win the prize money. Spanky and Darla arrive just as he gets the money, and as Spanky applauds his pal, Alfalfa gongs him in the process of his little speech.

  • "You mean you just finished." - Spanky
  • "It's Alfalfa!" - Jerry
  • "Hey, kids, lets give Buckwheat a big, great big hand, because he had us all fooled then." - Spanky


  • This short was produced before but released after the next short, Divot Diggers, marking this short the 141st and Divot Diggers the 142nd.
  • This was the last short for Marianne Edwards in the series.
  • This was the first short for director Fred Newmeyer. Previously, he was going to be the original director for Our Gang before he was replaced.
  • Beginning in 1971, King World had some scenes removed from television prints of this film due to perceived racism towards African-Americans. Cut were Alfalfa's attempt to sing in blackface, as well as the blackface musical number by "The Plantation Trio."
  • This was the second of three Rascal radio contest shorts, the others being Mike Fright and Framing Youth.
  • Although Maltin and Bann include him for this short, Joe Strauch Jr. probably does not actually appear in this short. He mostly worked as a stand-in for Spanky.
  • Alfalfa's warbling of "I'm In The Mood For Love" was used as the theme when actor Danny Devito of "Taxi" married Rhea Perlman of "Cheers."


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