The Orphans escaping from the train


The Orphans are kids who break away from a large group of orphans on their way to a new orphanage when they have to change trains. They want to run away and be cowboys, and upon encountering the gang, tell them fantastic tales about what the train is like, especially the food served on it. The gang agrees to take the orphans' places and trades clothes with them. By now the rest of the orphans and their guardians have left on the second train, so the gang is escorted on the next train by Mr. Henderson from Traveler's Aid. He doesn't like kids, and the gang only amplifies this opinion by creating all sorts of havoc on the train ride. When they arrive at their destination, Henderson learns by telegram he has the wrong boys, and must return home with home and perhaps take the real orphans to their next destination.

A previous group of kids pull this exact same stunt in A Pleasant Journey, resulting in a separate group of Rascals to be temporarily taken out of Greenpoint.

The Orphans were played by Donald Haines, Georgie Billings, Wally Albright, two unknown boys, and a toddler who might have been George McFarland.


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