Magic Lamp

Dickie holding what the gang thinks is The Magic Lamp. Dorothy is in the background.


The Magic Lamp is the mystical talisman of the Aladdin And The Magic Lamp story from the Fifth Century book, A Thousand And One Arabian Tales. The gang goes in search for it in A Lad An' A Lamp, wishing for a variety of things. Stymie Beard wishes for chicken and watermelon, for his "pappy" to stay out of jail and for the fleas to stay out of his ears. Dickie Moore wishes he didn't have to take a bath every Saturday, for it to snow ice cream and rain soda pop and for the jinni to beat up Toughey. Georgie Billings wishes his parents would stop fighting. Uh-Huh Collum wants it to be only two days a week: Christmas and Saturday. Spanky McFarland wishes for a monkey, later adding that he wishes Cotton was a monkey. What few wishes they get are not magical but granted by coincidence and the pure hearts of strangers, but Mary Wade seems to find the real thing in the weeds and bushes of her family estate outside Greenpoint. She gets two wishes - to be a child and then back again, her boyfriend gets a wish to regain his identity again and Spanky McFarland finally gets one which he applies to Mr. Crutch, making him Spanky's age and size so Spanky can beat him up. Spanky later puts on the story of Aladdin as a play in Aladdin's Lantern.


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