The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection is an 8 DVD set released by Genius Entertainment in late October 2008. The set consisted of all eighty Hal Roach talkies, as well as three silent shorts. Initial releases included sixteen prints from Blackhawk Films, rather than the original 35mm prints featured on the earlier Cabin Fever sets. Complaints from buyers eventually led to RHI Entertainment teaming with Vivendi to re-release the set as seven separate volumes, all consisting of original 35mm prints. The entire set was eventually re-released, sans the Blackhawk prints, and with errors from an accompanying booklet corrected.

One notable error that was never corrected was the misplacement of Choo-Choo! and Canned Fishing in the set's chronological list of film titles.


Note: Blackhawk prints from early releases are noted.

Disc 1

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Richard Bann.

Disc 2

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Tom Hatten
  • Audio commentaries by Richard Bann for Teacher's Pet and Fly My Kite.

Disc 3

Bonus Features:

Disc 4

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Jerry Tucker.
  • Audio commentary by Richard Lewis Ward on Wild Poses.

Disc 5

Bonus Features:

Disc 6

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Richard Lewis Ward.

Disc 7

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Annie Ross.

Disc 8

Bonus Features:

  • Introduction by Jean Darling
  • Audio commentaries on Spook-Spoofing and Barnum & Ringing, Inc. by Richard Lewis Ward.
  • Documentary: The Story Of Hal Roach And Our Gang.
  • Documentary: Rascals And Racial Issues.
  • Interviews with Dickie Moore, Jean Darling, Jerry Tucker, Annie Ross, and Rick Sapphire.
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