Tommy, Carl and friend

Length: 62 minutes
Producer: Sam Baerwitz and Benjamin Stoloff
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Photography: James S. Brown Jr.
Editor: Alfred DeGaetano and W. Donn Hayes
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Released: 1947
Studio: Producers Releasing Corporation

Main Cast (The Gas House Kids)

Supporting Cast

  • James Burke - Police Lt. Burke
  • Jan Bryant - Hazel Crawford
  • Michael Whalen - Lance Carter
  • Douglas Fowley - Mitch Gordan
  • Frank Orth - Police Captain
  • Lyle Latell - Carter's Henchman
  • Milton Parsons - Prof. Gately Crawford
  • Kenneth Farrell - Garry Edwards, Hazel's boyfriend
  • Gene Roth - Policeman

The Short

Plot: The Gas House Kids go to Hollywood, where they become entangled with a mad scientist while attempting to find a lost treasure in a haunted house.


  • Chimp (Tommy Bond): "Either I got somebody else, or Alfie's got two heads!"
  • Chimp (after Alfie finishes singing): "Quick, somebody turn on a radio before he sings some more!"
  • Alfie: "Ahh, wise guy!"
  • Orvie: "Now remember you guys, no rough stuff when we get to Hollywood. We want Lance Carter to think we're gentlemen".
  • Chimp: "Ahh, that's a lot of malarkey. In Lance's last picture, didn't he smack the lady murderer right in the kisser with a wet mop?"
  • Scat: "That's only in pictures, you jerk!"
  • Alfie: "Yeah, in real life, he'd have hit her with a dry one."
  • Chimp: "Come on, start tapping."
  • Alfie: "Okay, but my heart won't be in it."
  • Chimp: "Gee, imagine grabbin a dead guy by the hair!"
  • Alfie: "Well, it could be worse."
  • Chimp: "Yeah..."
  • Alfie: "Suppose the dead guy got you by the hair?"


  • In this film, Carl Switzer sings "Old Kentucky Home" in the same off-key way his old character of Alfalfa would do.


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