Length: 71 minutes
Producer: Sigmund Neufeld

Director: Sam Newfield
Photography: Jack Greenhalgh
Editor: Holbrook N. Todd
Writers: Elsie and George Bricker, Raymond L. Schrock
Released: 1946
Studio: Producers Releasing Corporation

Main Cast

  • Robert Lowery
  • Billy Halop
  • Teala Long
  • Carl Switzer
  • David Reed
  • Rex Downing
  • Rocco Lanzo

Supporting Cast

  • Coming Up

The Short

Plot: The Gas House Kids tackle a gang of criminals in the hope of winning the reward and helping a returning war veteran make a life with his girl.

  • None


  • The Gas House Kids was a rip-off of the populer East Side Kids series, which had become known as The Bowery Boys the same year this film was released.
  • Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer and Rex Downing both play members of the Gas House Kids in this movie.


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