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Mickey, Ernie, Andy, Joe, and two unidentified boys.

Production Notes

Length: One Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: James Parrott
Released: March 30, 1924
Studio: Pathe Exchange


Main Cast

  • Charley Chase - Jimmy Jump
  • Beth Darlington - Dorothy
  • Earl Mohan - Lem Tucker
  • Helen Gilmore - Lem's mother
  • Emma Tansey - Jimmy's mother

The Short

Plot: Jimmy Jump (Charley Chase) is a coward. Everyone and everything makes him afraid. He cowers from the neighborhood children, even though he's old enough to be their father. He is terrified of Lem Tucker (Earl Mohan), who is his rival for the heart of Dorothy. Only when he mistakenly believes he is about to die does Jimmy find courage.
The Rascals briefly appear in several scenes. First, Andy, Ernie, Joe, Mickey, and two other boys wait outside of Jimmy's house, planning to give him a hard time. Joe hits Jimmy with his slingshot and Mickey convinces Jimmy to smell his water-squirting flower. The kids then push Jimmy onto the ground; all run away, except for Joe, who stays behind to fight Jimmy. Jimmy cowers from Joe's punches, but Joe's brother (and Jimmy's rival) Lem doesn't think so.
Later, Jimmy gets chased out of his yard by Lem and the Rascals, and then back into his home. Jimmy's mother (Emma Tansey) chases the mischief makers off with a broom.
After Jimmy gains his confidence, he gets his revenge on the Rascals. He first steals Joe's slingshot, and uses it to hit him in the rear end. He then pushes the other kids onto the ground. He later heads to Mickey's house to give him a whiff of his own water-squirting flower.

  • "Even the 'gang' has got Jimmy's goat - they've threatened to sic their pet rabbits on him." - Title card
  • "Go on - smell my rose." - Mickey



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