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Mango, Farina and Joe

Production Notes

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Robert F. McGowan
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Richard Currier
Titles: H. M. Walker
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: March 13, 1927
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: On his tenth birthday, Joe Cobb throws a party, and invites the gang to attend. Joe's mother can't afford a cake, so he takes it upon himself to bake his own. While Joe isn't looking, little sister Mildred tosses several objects into the batter, including tacks and a rubber tube. Meanwhile, wealthy Jackie Condon also has a birthday, and plans on celebrating by getting his hair cut and inviting the gang to his party. By two o'clock, no one has shown up for Joe's party, as they've all decided to attend Jackie's (with plans to attend Joe's afterwards). After being denied admittance to Jackie's party, Farina and Mango show up at Joe's house and tell him where the rest of the gang members are. Angrily, Joe hurries over to Jackie's house. However, Jackie suggests that the two merge birthday parties. Joe brings his homemade cake to the merged party. As they dig in, the kids find the various surprises that Mildred put into the cake. Farina soon presents Jackie with a kitten as a gift. However, he has confused a skunk for the kitten and causes everyone at the party to faint and then rush out.

  • "-I'll bet Jackie will get a kick outta all of these elagant presents!--" - Jay R. Smith