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Spike Lee in "Our Gang Follies Of 1938"


Henry "Spike" Lee, also called "Hank" on occasion, is the sergeant-of-arms of the He-Man Woman-Haters' Club in Mail And Female; he's responsible for making sure the other members don't break the club rules, which of course Alfalfa does. Otherwise, he's mostly a spectator at their football game in The Pigskin Palooka, or a ticket-taker when Alfalfa wrestles the "Masked Marvel" in Came The Brawn and in Spanky's play, Aladdin's Lantern. He also tags along with Alfalfa to see Dr. Schwartz to get their teeth pulled for a catcher's mitt in The Awful Tooth. Spike plays one of the sailors in the closing act of Spanky's Our Gang Follies Of 1938, as well as a cowboy in Alfalfa's Western fantasy, The Little Ranger.

Spike was played by Henry Lee.