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Spanky McFarland


Nickname: Spanky McFarland
Played By: George "Spanky" McFarland
Born: 1928
Relatives: Emerson (father), Gaye (mother), Wilma (stepmother), Dorothy, Patsy (sisters), Dickie Moore, Breezy Brisbane, Porky (brothers), Grandmother
Clubs: The International Silver String Submarine Band, former member of Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks, former member of He-Man Woman-Hater's Club, The Wise Owl Club, former member of All-For-One Club, Sekret Revengers, 1-2-3-Go Safety Society
First Short: Free Eats
Last Short: Unexpected Riches


Spanky McFarland is one of the most famous and recognized Rascals in the entire series, but his debut seems a bit odd as his family structure and status was always changing. He is first seen as the younger brother of Breezy Brisbane in Spanky but much later as the younger brother of Dickie Moore in Birthday Blues. At times, his surname ranges from possibly being McComas, Moore, Treacy or McFarland. Of course, each situation can not be possible unless Spanky was some sort of foster kid before getting adopted by the McFarlands. This theory could explain his homes at times with the Bleak Hill Boarding School and in the Happy Home Orphanage.
Earlier on, Spanky's best friend is Scotty Beckett, sometimes following the older kids on adventures and camping trips and often out-thinking them and coming better prepared. On a camping trip, Spanky and Scotty are the only ones to be smart enough to hitchhike to the camping site and bring food. After Scotty moves on, Spanky becomes friends with Alfalfa Switzer, who he met while his mother was dragging him into a local talent show, a memory he is not fond of at all. While Spanky is not against having his younger brother Porky tagging along, he is definitely against babysitting his baby sister, Baby Patsy and even Darla's brother, Junior. He also seems to have an older brother who later enters the army in Helping Hands, which could be Brisbane since Dickie would only have been eighteen at the time. (In the short, the brother's name is Bill, but this could be another name for Brisbane.)
In his youth, Spanky had a lot of spirit, often killing the bugs in the McComas house and discovering his father's stash of hidden cash. He's been a member of several clubs that never lasted very long. His mother wanted him to be an an entertainer, and Spanky wisely realized he wanted none of it, but he turned noble enough to try and win the cash when a cute girl needed it. Despite his aversion to talent shows, Spanky is a born entertainer with a bit of the mannerisms of Oliver Hardy, as seen when he gets irked by Alfalfa's ego, but he seems more involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business as a producer and director, finding other kids with talent, as evident in his cellar shows. Doted over by his grandmother, he can be seen singing on corners, earning spending money on the golf course or throwing complicated stage shows in the cellar of his home, harkening back to the plays Breezy did in the barn on his father's property back when Spanky was killing bugs with a hammer. He can sing, tell jokes and pull off a weightlifting demonstration, something he calls his "old act." If only Porky wouldn't steal his thunder...