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Our Gang Comics
Spanky was featured in the first issues of Walt Kelly's Our Gang Comics, in his traditional role as the Rascals' leader and main idea man.
Spanky med
Four Color Comics: The Little Rascals
In the Little Rascals comic book series, Spanky, while still a leader, regularly took a backseat to Alfalfa. He also proved to be more of a worrier than his film series' counterpart.
Span chr
The Little Rascals Christmas Special and Public Service Announcements
Portrayed by Philip Tanzini. Spanky continues to take a back seat to Alfalfa in the leadership role. His main role is as Porky's older brother.
Span hann
The Little Rascals (animated series)
Portrayed by Scott Menville. Spanky returns to his traditional role as the kids' leader and idea man.
Span jello
Jell-O Gelatin Pops Commercials
Portrayed by Unknown. Spanky continues to act as the kids' leader.
Span mus
The Little Rascals (musical)
Portrayed by Jason Minor.
Span 94
The Little Rascals
Portrayed by Travis Tedford. Spanky is the Rascals' leader and spokesman, enlisting his friends to put an end to Alfalfa's romance with Darla.
Span save
The Little Rascals Save The Day
Portrayed by Jet Jurgensmeyer. Spanky is the leader of the Rascals, yet again. This time, he leads the group in raising money to save Grandma Larson's bakery. He is briefly deserted by his friends, who consider him to be too bossy.
Span anim 2
The Little Rascals Save The Day
An animated Spanky as seen in the opening sequence of The Little Rascals Save The Day.
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