Slicker in Fightin' Fools


Name: Frederick Walburn
Nick Name: Slicker
Played By: Freddie Walburn
Born: Relatives: None known
Clubs: Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks, He-Man Woman-Hater's Club, Butch's Assassins, Third Street Bunch
First Short: Beginner's Luck
Last Short: Doin' Their Bit


Slicker is a rather late antagonist to the gang known for pulling practical jokes on the Rascals and just generally trying to replace Butch as the local bully, which is ironic because Slicker originally was a part of the gang. When he is first seen, he is one of the Wood Chucks seated at the playhouse to heckle Spanky out of becoming a child entertainer, and he is also a member of the He-Man Woman-Hater's Club in Mail And Female. However, he soon joins Butch's football team, Butch's Assassins, to play against Spanky's team in The Pigskin Palooka. He also plays baseball in 1-2-3 Go!
Later on, Slicker goes on to play pranks on the gang. Leading the Third Street Bunch, he ties their clothes in knots when they go swimming in Fightin' Fools, steals an apple for which Alfalfa gets in trouble in Good Bad Boys and convinces Boxcar to pretend to be a robot to terrorize the gang in Robot Wrecks. He's not completely full of malice; he joins the gang in a kiddie USO act to entertain the troops in Doin' Their Bit.
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