Scrappy and Sissy are identical twins who move into the Gang's neighborhood in Every Man For Himself, but are never seen again. Scrappy is the tough twin, described as "He began collecting bloody noses and black eyes when
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Scrappy and Sissy (confronting Mickey)

he was six months old --," while Sissy is described as "Afraid in the dark - And scared in the daytime --," by title cards. When Sissy meets Mary, he befriends her, only to get beat up by Mickey. Sissy runs home, where he and Scrappy make a plan where Sissy distracts Mickey, and runs around a corner where Scrappy is hiding and gets every lick he can on Mickey. Soon, the whole gang chases Sissy around a block, where Scrappy picks them off one at a time and beats them up, saving Mickey for last when both twins sock him. After that, Scrappy and Sissy make peace with Mickey and the Gang.

Scrappy and Sissy were played by actors Charles and Ray DeBriac, but it is not known who played which twin.


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