Scooter Lowry


Scooter (sometimes spelled "Skooter") Lowry is one of the kids staying at Happyland Home Orphanage, ran and operated by a cruel headmistress replaced by Tom Wilson in Bring Home The Turkey. He becomes friends with Farina Hoskins, playing in a gun fight with him in Shivering Spooks and yanking down Joe Cobb's britches as a joke. Joe later gets even with him by filling Scooter's new derby with eggs and pushing it down over his head in Tired Business Men. With Farina, Scooter joins the Manhattan Club and the Royle Secret Order Of Lion-Harted Nights as well as Joe's Junior Fire Squad in The Fourth Alarm. They also play "cowboys and Indians" in War Feathers. He owns a dog named Buster which he disguises as a goat from the dog catcher in Love My Dog. Along with Bonedust, Scooter is one of the boys forced by Tuffy to bark like a dog in Telling Whoppers. At Joe's birthday party in Ten Years Old, as the rest of the gang dig surprises from the cake, Scooter gets a mouthful of nails.
Scooter Lowry was played by Elmer Lowry.


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