Boxing or Pugilism is a combative sport that dates back several millenia to Ancient Sumeria. It is a rather popular sport among the Rascals as they engage in it about as often as football and baseball, or even fishing and truancy, but even if they don't indulge in the sport, they seem to be fans of it. The gang builds a very well equipped gymnasium for their 4th Ave. Athalatick Club where many of them train. Mickey's grandma likes to spar with him, and Harry and one of the Wheezers have a father who is a prizefighter. Wheezer imitates him by often popping people in the nose. Even Grandma Mack dons gloves to harmlessly spar with the kids at times. However, as a sport, the Rascals only seem to resort to boxing to settle fights amongst themselves to avoid out of control brawls in the streets - usually over girls. Mickey Daniels and Jack Davis join in the ring to win the attention of Mary Kornman, and later on, Farina Hoskins exploits the sport by creating the 3rd Ward Athaletic Club along with Harry to train Joe Cobb and Chubby Chaney to fight for the hand of Jean Darling and to raise money to get himself out of a debt. Likewise, Spanky McFarland repeats Farina's tactic in order to train Alfalfa Switzer in the Ajax Athaletic Club to represent the gang in a fight against Tommy "Butch" Bond, a bully to the neighborhood. Farina similarly deals with a rich kid who fights with boxing gloves in Love My Dog.
Rarer as a sport is wrestling. Alfalfa tries his hand as a wrestler under the name "Wildcat Alfalfa" against Waldo as a costumed fighter known as the "The Masked Marvel," a role Butch is very eager to take over for him.


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