The Rascals Baseball Team is an informal baseball team which plays anywhere and everywhere they can get, such as in the middle of the street of the Tenement District or at Dooley Flats.
When Mickey Daniels gets the team together in Giants Vs. Yanks, the team includes Jack Davis, Jackie Condon, Joe Cobb, Farina Hoskins and Ernie Morrison with Mary Kornman joining them to play in the street in Official Officers.
By Bargain Day, the team comprises Jackie Cooper, Farina Hoskins, Chubby Chaney, Donald Haines but Wheezer and Stymie steal their gear and equipment.
The next generation of kids to play includes Spanky McFarland, Alfalfa Switzer, Buckwheat Thomas, Mickey Gubitosi, and Froggy Laughlin in Kiddie Kure, 1-2-3 Go!, and Rover's Big Chance.


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