The Rascals have had a number of hide-outs around Greenpoint in addition to numerous club houses over the years. They hide out in a cave called Rober's Cave which first appears in Fire Fighters and a cave under Professor Fleece's house in Shivering Spooks. Mickey Daniels has an impressive hideout that serves as the headquarters for his detective agency in The Mysterious Mystery. Another hideout is a shack, with a secret trapdoor entrance and just "Our Shack" painted on it, in Johnnie's back yard in Shootin' Injuns. Another hideout called "Our Shack" is home to the Royle Secret Order Of Lion-Harted Nights in Telling Whoppers. Several years later, Alfalfa Switzer uses a spot called Hermit's Cave behind Schultz's Deluxe Market in Football Romeo. The gang later uses an unnamed cave to hide from the authorities in Family Troubles.  It's not known if they have any other local hiding places besides these locations behind the scenes.


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