Powder-Puff in Every Man For Himself


Powder-Puff begins as a loner in the short The Sun Down Limited. He wants to join the Rascals in their fun, but they play hard-to-get. At first, they don't seem to be to fond of Powder-Puff. Farina even tries picking a fight with him. However, the Gang soon allows Powder-Puff to join in on their fun for the rest of the short, with the explanation leading up to this unexplained. He helps runs the kids' train, but also naps on the job at one point (perhaps as means of revenge to the Rascals). In Every Man For Himself, Powder-Puff (identified as "Powder-puff") is a member of the Rascals' 4th Ave. Athalatick Club, and acts as "Chief Engineer and Superintendent of Motive Power" for their shoeshine shop and gets many of their customers' shoes.

The actor who played Powder-Puff is currently unknown. It seems likely that he was meant to be the replacement in the series for Ernie Morrison, but lost the role to Eugene Jackson.


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