Character: Peggy Cartwright
Birthday: November 14, 1912
Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Death: June 13, 2001
Place of Death: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
First Short: Our Gang (unconfirmed)
Last Short: A Quiet Street
Number of Shorts: 5 (according to Maltin and Bann)
History: Fetching cutie Margaret "Peggy" Cartwright was a Canadian silent film actress cast as the original Our Gang leading lady after her work in the highly popular Harold Lloyd comedies also produced by Hal Roach Studios. She and her brother Dick performed together on stage as a dance team, and also appeared together on film in One Terrible Day. After her Rascals work, Peggy married once and had four children, later marrying a second time to African-American actor William Walker, best known for playing the preacher in the classic, "To Kill A Mockingbird," with Gregory Peck. She returned to Canada and appeared at the 12th International Sons of the Desert/Way Out West Convention in 2000; it was her only public appearance since leaving the series. She passed away in 2001 as the last surviving member of the original Our Gang cast.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • The Birth of a Nation (1915) - uncredited
  • Intolerance (1916) - uncredited
  • Billy The Bandit (1916)
  • From Hand To Mouth (1919) - credited as "Peggy Courtwright"
  • The Third Generation (1920)
  • Love (1920)
  • Penrod (1922)
  • A Hickory Hick (1922)
  • Afraid To Fight (1922)
  • Robin Hood Jr. (1923)
  • Three Cheers (1923)
  • A Lady Of Quality (1924)
  • Barnum Junior (1924)
  • Juinor Partner (1924)
  • The Iron Horse (1924) - uncredited
  • Dirty Hands (1924)
  • Wildcat Willie (1924)
  • Hindle Wakes (1931) - uncredited
  • Good Night, Vienna (1932) - alternate title: Magic Night

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