Peggy Ahearn in Olympic Games


Name: Peggy Ahearn
Nick Name: None
Played By: Peggy Ahern
Clubs: None
First Short: Cradle Robbers
Last Short: Olympic Games


Bio: Not much is known about Peggy. She attends the Rascals' baby show in Cradle Robbers and rides their train in The Sun Down Limited. Mary invites her to her party in Dog Days and in turn, Peggy uses her dog to give a kiss to Joe Cobb (who has a crush on her) in The Love Bug. At one point in that film, Peggy pokes fun at Joe's weight, tempting Joe to try to lose weight. She apparentlly fell for Joe at some point, as they are soon showing some obvious puppy love in Olympic Games. She also shows up with the gang when they run off to play cowboys and Indians in War Feathers. In Official Officers, Peggy gets arrested by Mary for flirting with Johnny Downs.
Quotes: None


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