Paul H

Paul in Time Out For Lessons


Paul Hilton is one of the orphans who live at Happy Home Orphanage under Mr. and Mrs. Crutch, but after the orphanage gets straightened up, his life gets much better. He gets to attend Greenpoint Grammar School, join the Eagles Club, play football and attend Spanky McFarland's cellar shows, such as Romyo And Jullet and Our Gang Follies Of 1936. Spanky later lets him ride a toy car in the Reunion In Rhythm show for school alumni. He's possibly close friends with Alfalfa Switzer; he is at ringside when Alfalfa wrestles Butch as the "Masked Marvel," and turns up at the Greenpoint Train Station to welcome Alfalfa from Dover Military Academy. Alfalfa also dreams him into his Club Spanky dream and as his future college roommate in Time Out For Lessons.

Paul Hilton was played by child actor Paul Hilton.


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