Pansy dog

Pansy in The Glorious Fourth

Pansy is Joe Cobb's dog. He is a Staffordsire terrier (American pit bull), and he first appears in The Glorious Fourth when a neighborhood kid pays Farina a quarter to take him off his hands, and then Pansy promptly swallows several Bahama-oil capsules (said to be one-thousand times more potent than nitroglycerine), coughing them up one at a time and causing a series of mini-explosions. He follows Joe and the gang into the Darling Residence in Crazy House and is used to power Joe's car in Cat, Dog & Co.. At times, his relationship with Joe gets to be a bit estranged. He leaves him in Playin' Hooky to get into the movies. He rescues Clarabelle in Dog Heaven and contemplates taking his life when she feels neglected, but Joe comes back to him. In Heebee Jeebees, Pansy is hypnotized to walk in reverse by Professor Electra.

Pansy was played by the original Pete.


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