Pal is an early canine companion of the Rascals, belonging to several different members of the gang at different times. He's a Staffordshire Terrier/American pit bull; his loving demeanor belies the mistaken modern reputation of the breed. Given his history, it's very likely he played several separate dogs in the series instead of the same dog through the shorts.
As Joe Cobb's dog, Pal wakes him up in Circus Fever and gets to go fishing in Cradle Robbers. He's also there to watch the birthday cake baking in Ten Years Old.
At the Newman Residence, Pal belongs to Mary, taking her bath for her in Mary, Queen Of Tots and also appearing as her dog in One Wild Ride.
Pal is also Johnny Downs's dog at times, following the Rascals to an amusement park haunted house attraction Shootin' Injuns and spreading good cheer at Christmas.
Pal also helps Mickey deliver milk in It's A Bear, but in The Mysterious Mystery, he belongs to Snowball and Farina, the latter of whom burns him with a magnifying glass. He also powers Toughy's train in The Sun Down Limited.
Beyond these appearances, it's hard to tell which of Pal's appearances belong to which of these Pals or even Pete who replaced him in the gang. In his more notable adventures, he's one of the dogs chasing down Officer McManus in Official Officers, he's given dental cream to appear vicious in Your Own Back Yard, he helps to carry away the stars of Professor Clements Trained Flea And Insect Circus in Thundering Fleas and he powers a conveyance, alarm system and rocking machine in The Fourth Alarm and Baby Brother. Given this sort of history, it's possible he's just a neighborhood stray shared by respective members of the gang at different times.


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