3. Climbed through 22-Down’s window when locked out of his own house (2 words)

4. The Head without a body

7. Will never be choked by an artichoke

9. Loves to stick pins in people (2 words)

10. Captain of The Assassins

11. Wrote his lines on the inside of his toga

12. Bought cleaning and pressing concession for $1000 with 10 cents down (2 words)

13. Scored first of Gang’s touchdowns for 7-Down’s All-Stars

16. Replaced as The Masked Marvel by 10-Across

21. The bravest man who ever walked on feet

23. Commander of periscope forces, consisting of himself (2 words)

24. Undertaker’s son (3 words)

25. Sergeant-at-arms of He-Man Woman Haters Club

26. Thought her dollies came to life (2 words)

28. Source of many incorrect history answers

30. Hit by car while catching a baseball (2 words)

32. King of Crooners

35. Boxed 8-Down as The Bone Crusher (2 words)

37. Expert at wiggling ears (2 words)

40. Canine with circle around one eye

41. First name shared by one who can’t play trumpet when sees someone sucking lemons and one who sounds hollow but is OK enough for admission into All-4-One Club.

43. Thought to have been turned into a chimpanzee

45. Drove wagon when gang decided to shoot Injuns

46. Fought a duel with 3-Across over 22-Down (2 words)

47. Ran a taxi on which 5-Down got a wild ride (2 words)

1. Wants to grow up to be a streetcar conductor

2. Cleaned gang’s clothes with unbearably smelly cleaning fluid

3. Gets mad when hair is mussed up (2 words)

5. Winner of the Blue Grass Derby

6. Rescued 32-Across and deputies from dynamite in a dream

7. Wouldn’t taste good because he’s spoiled

8. Piloted airplane as Sherlock Hawkshaw (2 words)

14. Sidekick of 10-Across (2 words)

15. Loves to jump in mud puddles

16. Gave razzberries to Olympic athletes

17. Dueled over by 10-Across and 32-Across

18. Came up with fascinating use of “isthmus” in a sentence (hyphenated)

19. Called a pip by 3-Across (2 words)

20. Shot 10-Across with a rubber dart, 32-Across got the blame

22. Valiantly made taffy despite 16-Down’s mixing up instructions (3 words)

27. Swallowed half-dollar reward for capture of bank robbers terrorizing Red Dog

29. Stiff neck cured by 7-Across (2 words)

31. Lonely rich girl who invites gang into her mansion to have it wrecked (2 words)

32. Does Charlie Chaplin impressions (2 words)

33. Write-in winner of Gang’s club presidential election

34. Scored touchdown by diving into mud puddle, had to wear lampshade afterward

36. Fife player for Gang’s band

38. Bratty rich kid with fancy toy fire engine

39. Often pulled down 3-Down’s pants in phony psychic’s spooky cellar

42. Repeatedly pulled wagons with wobbly wheels, usually driven by 21-Across

44. Fell down a well


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