Cover page: Mickey, Happy, Buckwheat, Barney Bear, Froggie, and Janet are visited by pirate Jerry the Mouse.


Our Gang Comics # 9 was the ninth issue in Walt Kelly's Our Gang Comic Book series. The issue was first released by Dell Comics around January to February of 1944. The Our Gang material for the book is covered for twelve pages. This is one of the few comics in the series not made by Walt Kelly.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Caldwell
  • Deadlight Dan
  • Ross

The Story

Plot: The kids have gotten a job acting in a movie. It takes place aboard an old pirate ship fixed especially for the film. After a day of shooting, the gang decides to explore below the ship's deck. Not realizing the kids are downstairs, the film crew closes up the hole from above deck, leaving the young explorers trapped. While looking for a way out, the gang comes upon Deadlight Dan, a kind old sea captain and caretaker of the ship. Uncle Dan tells the kids old sea stories, and lets them bunk on his ship for the night. A storm approaches, causing the ship to drift out to sea. Uncle Dan gives the gang a chance to be real sailors by having them help him steer the ship through the storm. Eventually, the storm leaves, but Dan and the gang are still stuck at sea. They eventually find an island which turns out to hold the remains of old pirates. An inscription on a barrel left by the pirates warns the group that the island has no water, and so Dan and the kids head back to their ship to look for another island.



  • This would mark the first part of a serial that would follow Deadlight Dan and the gang as they travel to an island and come across Japanese spies. The story would continue for the next three issues.


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