Cover page: Jerry the Mouse orders Barney Bear, Happy, Mickey, Buckwheat, Janet, and Froggy.


Our Gang Comics # 6 was the sixth issue in Walt Kelly's Our Gang Comic Book series. The issue was first released by Dell Comics around July to August of 1943. The Our Gang material for the book is covered for eight pages.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Feeney
  • Feeney's mother
  • Ham
  • Iggy
  • Mr. Tortoni

The Story

Plot: The gang are planting their own victory garden. Feeney tries to bet the gang that he can plant an entire garden in an hour with the help of a chemical he created. The gang are far from oblivious, and decide to take Feeney's ten dollar bet. While the gang head home for lunch, Feeney, Ham, and Iggy quickly plant some fresh vegetables into the garden. Buckwheat, Janet, and Happy return to the now vegetable-filled garden, and give up their tweleve dollar treasury to Feeney. Because the money is two dollars more than Feeney's bet, he rents the gang a cart to deliver the vegetables in. The gang sell all of the vegetables, and manage to earn $34. Froggy soon arrives with vegetable vendor Mr. Tortoni. It is revealed that Tortoni told Feeney to watch his vegetable wagon. The kids decide to give up their $34 to Mr. Tortoni's, feeling that it is his money; Tortoni feels that the kids at least deserve some reward for their hard work, and gives them $10. Later, Janet comes up with an idea to get the gang's money back from Feeney. Froggy convinces Feeney and Ham that the kids were able to make hundreds of dollars with their new chemical. After seeing a phony demonstration of the chemical, Feeney and Ham force Janet to give up the ingredients of the chemical for $15. Feeney and Ham head back to Feeney's house, and begin getting to work on the chemical. Instead of creating a vegetable-planting chemical, the two wind up creating a big mess in Feeney's kitchen.




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