Cover page: On the left side, top to bottom, Happy, Janet, Buckwheat, Froggy, and Janet.


Our Gang Comics # 5 was the fifth issue in Walt Kelly's Our Gang Comic Book series. The issue was first released by Dell Comics around May to June of 1943. The Our Gang material for the book is covered for fourteen pages.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Mayor of Greenpoint
  • Mike the fireman
  • Mr. Gustaff
  • Mr. Petrofski

The Story

Plot: The kids read a poster asking for volunteer firefighters. They rush over to the fire department, but the Greenpoint firefighters think that the kids are trying to report a fire. The firemen ask Mickey and Janet where they saw the fire, but the two think that the men are talking about the poster they saw. Mickey and Janet lead the firemen to the poster, quickly causing the firemen to realize they are on a wild goose chase. The kids mention that they simply wanted to volunteer, but the firefighters refuse to accept them, saying that they are nothing but a nuisance. Froggy suggests that the gang start their own fire department. While he, Buckwheat and Happy get a makeshift fire engine ready, Mickey and Janet head to Mickey's house to look for some uniforms. They soon spot smoke coming from town, and Janet decides to send a note (via a bow and arrow) to the rest of the gang as a warning. Meanwhile, the other kids are talking to a real volunteer, Mr. Gustaff, who is impressed with their fire engine. He winds up receiving Janet's note and quickly rushes into town. The gang soon follows in pursuit. As it turns out, Greenpoint is holding a contest for the volunteer firefighters, to see who can put out a test fire the fastest. The gang's makeshift engine, carrying Julip the Goat, winds up crashing into the shack where the fire is. The kids hurriedly save their goat, successfully putting out the fire in a minute six seconds in the process. Mr. Gustaff soon shows up, with the other volunteer firemen, and explains to the mayor of Greenpoint that the kids are unofficial volunteers, and that they deserve to become real volunteers. The mayor agrees, and rewards the kids with a $25 prize, and a war bond for Happy's makeshift fire engine.


  • "We can join the fire department and help out-the firemen are having trouble 'cause they're short." - (Happy)
  • "Yo' mean all the firemens is shrimps?" - (Buckwheat)
  • "I'll get to the firehouse first and be made a general." - (Janet)
  • "Gee! Girls don't know anything-they don't have generals." - (Mickey)
  • "How about general alarms?" - (Happy)



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