Cover page: Janet, Froggy, and Buckwheat playing with Julip the Goat.


Our Gang Comics # 17 was the seventeenth issue in Walt Kelly's Our Gang Comic Book series. The issue was first released by Dell Comics around May to June of 1945. The Our Gang material for the book is covered for twelve pages.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Janet's Parents
  • Lancelot the Lion
  • Professor Hector Hannibal Horatio Gravy
  • Tammany the Tiger

The Story

Plot: Froggie and the boys run into Professor Hector Hannibal Horatio Gravy, a down-on-his-luck theatrical performer and animal trainer in need of gasoline to get to town. The Professor's animals - Lancelot the Lion and Tammany the Tiger - accidentally get loose, and roam the town, notably sneaking into Janet's house, and scaring her parents.



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