The Our Gang Barber Shop


The Our Gang Barber Shop is the result of the gang's attempt to join the grown-up business world. It is equipped with many features, including barber chairs, an ironing board, and a steam room. Joe Cobb is the "Boss Barber," and Andy Samuel is his apprentice. Jackie Condon is the "Superintendent of Exploitation" and advertises the shop by wearing a sandwich board with the shop's name on it. Mary Kornman is the cashier, having unanimously won an election in which she did the voting. Sing Joy is in charge of the cleaning and pressing concession, having bought it for $1000, with ten cents down. Sunshine Sammy has several jobs, teaming up with Sing Joy in the laundry, operating the mechanical devices such as a fan and the rotating barber pole outside the shop, and working as a porter and janitor. Farina shines shoes, and if customers are barefoot, he paints their feet to look like they're wearing shoes. He also does odd jobs as a porter, and operates a bellows for air and spins a chair until a customer gets dizzy. Mango sits on the side and is given a razor to play with. She also is often hit by things like shaving cream. There is also an unnamed manicurist.

Despite their enthusiasm, the gang's services are not up to par as they give atrocious haircuts and ruin clothes by burning them with an iron. Nevertheless, they get Mickey Daniels and give him a complete makeover, transforming him from his sissified Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit with long curls into a more normal boy. He then accepts the offer to join the gang.

Roll call: Andy Samuel, Farina, Jackie Condon, Joe Cobb, Mango, Mary Kornman, Mickey Daniels, Sing Joy, Sunshine Sammy


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