Kid Gang in More Mischief

Kid Gang in More Mischief


Jackie, Mickey, Joe, Johnny, Farina, and Mary try to get Robert McGowan's attention.

Our Gang At Home is a short segment featured as part of the weekly theatrical series the Pathé Review. Released on November 8, 1925, this short features the Rascals and a series of camera and editing tricks. Series director Robert F. McGowan makes a rare onscreen cameo.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: Director Robert F. McGowan is busily working in his office. On a nearby desk, miniature versions of the Rascals try to get his attention. While trying to get a fountain pen to work, McGowan mistakenly squirts ink onto Joe's face.
We are then introduced to the Rascals individually, and told what each of them wants to be when they grow up:
"Mary, our Harum-Scarum! Her ambition - to grow up - have a lovely cottage - and triplets!" Mary, dressed as a ballerina, creates three smaller versions of herself with the help of a magic wand. The three Mary's then begin dancing.
"Little Jackie. 'Dunno what I'm gonna be - but watch me change my spots!'" We then see Jackie jumping to his right side a few times, creating a clone of himself after each jump.
"Mickey's imagination as to how fifteen years might treat him is somewhat distorted." This is literally the case, as we then see a "distorted" Mickey executing several facial reactions.
"'Fatty' admitted he might be a soldier - " Cut to Joe watching, and laughing, as three smaller versions of himself march back and forth, each carrying a rifle on his shoulder.
"Last - but not at all the least - Farina's Future? 'Doan ask me what I'm gonna be, Big Boy, des look!'" We see three Farina's simultaneously performing a dance.


  • "Hey, Boss - I ain't no blotter!" - Joe


  • The Pathé Review series featured three segments. The two accompanying Our Gang At Home were an installment in the American Wild Flowers series and a short titled Forest Food Supplies.
  • Even though Johnny Downs is present in the opening scene, he is not given a solo scene (at least not in the surviving prints).
  • Joe Cobb is referred to as "Fatty" in the inter-titles. This was an unofficial nickname that was occasionally used in promotional material. But the fact that Joe isn't referred to by his real name indicates that H.M. Walker likely did not write the inter-titles for this short.

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