Old Cap

Old Cap


Old Cap is the fatherly master and teacher at Bleak Hill Boarding School which several of the Rascals attend before going on to Green Street Grammar School. Nothing is known of his past, such as whether his came refers to him being a captain in the armed forces, the police force or on a ship. He loves and cares for all the kids and is especially lenient in their lessons considering the hard time his dominant wife gives them as the principal and only enforcer of the rules. Cap's wife runs the school like a prison and treats the children bad (or exactly like how she ran Happyland Home Orphanage, if this is the same woman). She saves money on food by serving mush every day for breakfast and barely turning on the heat at night (if she turns it on at all). She and her husband seem to have a rather estranged marriage. Cap keeps promising things will get better when his pension comes in, and when Mr. Brown at the bank finally has it, Cap spends it all on the kids taking them to an amusement park and then dining at a fancy French restaurant on a dish called "porrage" - French mush.

Old Cap was played by Gus Leonard, who also played Scotty Beckett's, Grandpa Gus in The Lucky Corner; Cap's wife is played by Louise Emmons.


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