Officer "Hard-Broiled" McManus


Officer McManus, or "Hard-Broiled" McManus is one of the officers in the Greenpoint Police Department. He doesn't really like anyone, and no one likes him (which sort of makes it a tie game). He's known more as a bully and loudmouth who makes three meals a day from filching bananas from Anthony Campanaro Fruit And Vegetables. After the Rascals block off the street to try and play baseball, he chases them off, only to get a barrel dropped over his head and hit by a soft tomato after the gang clashes with the Man-Eating Tiger-Cubs of Wildcat Alley.
McManus is afterward removed from the force and replaced by kindly Officer Mac, who cleans up the Tenement District, McManus's former beat. Blaming the kids for the loss of his job, McManus later runs into Mickey Daniels. After he knocks Mickey down, the gang as the Junior Police Squad tries to arrest him. Knocking Officer Mac out with Mickey's club, McManus flees to the Saw Mill where Pal and another dog corner him long enough to be arrested.

Officer McManus was played by John Gavin.


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