Spanky driving Yen Wong in the No. 8 Amboolance


The "No. 8 Amboolance" is the goat-pulled conveyance which Spanky McFarland rides through Greenpoint to pick up Yen Wong at Yun Wong Laundry to help clean Wally Albright's clothes after Wally lands in a mud puddle scoring a touchdown. Originally created to carry injured players off the football field, the speedy little craft instead turns out to be a source of a distraction to the local traffic cop at the town crossing when Spanky blows in a bottle making a sound like an ambulance siren. The cop stops traffic twice, once each as Spanky goes to get Yen Wang and then drives him back to Wally's house. When the gang causes a disturbance at that house, they all flee from the arriving police in their ambulance. The traffic cop doesn't stop traffic when he hears a siren again, but this time it really does come from emergency vehicles, and the result is several police cars winding up in a massive pile-up as the gang passes by on their vehicle.


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