Ernie in the lair of the Mystic J.J.J.'s. Among the five masked members are Mickey, Jack Davis, and Gabriel Saienz


The Mysterious J.J.J.'s are a club for only "the brave and the fearless."Like the Cluck Clicke Klams, they are imitating the KKK.Not much is known about them except they meet in the cellar of a deserted building and that they are horrible spellers. Ernie Morrison stumbles and falls into their lair to tell them the Freetown story.

The initials stand for "Jesse James Juniors."

Roll Call: Bludy Jones, Dare Devil Sweeney (The Grand Nite), Feerless Fred, Fiting Dick, Meen Mike...

The members were played by Mickey, Jack Davis, Gabe Saienz, and two unknown boys.


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