Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or "MST3K") was a comedy television series created by prop comic Joel Hodgson in 1988. In ran for eleven seasons, ending in 1999. The show found creator Joel Hodgson (later replaced by head writer Mike Nelson) and robot companions Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot watching low budget movies and making sarcastic quips throughout.

Our Gang references

Pictures Episode Description
City on fire
"City on Fire"
March 19, 1989
During a host segment, Tom Servo and Crow prank Joel into looking through a telescope with black paint on the lens. Joel falls for their joke and winds up with a black ring around his eye. Servo asks Joel if anyone ever told him he "looks like Petey from 'Our Gang.'"
The Corpse
"The Corpse Vanishes"
December 9, 1989
Joel and the robots constantly poke fun at the rather comical choice of music used for what is supposed to be a horror film. The music is referred to at least twice as "The Little Rascals music," and at one point is dubbed "Laurel and Hardy music."
Mst3k jungle goddess
"Jungle Goddess"
October 6, 1990
Towards the end of the film, one of the main characters discusses a farm that he plans to buy. He intends to have "alfalfa" and "wheat." Servo adds "Stymie," "Spanky," and "Farina" to his list.
Snow Thrills
"It Conquered the World"
August 24, 1991
Accompanying the movie is the 1945 short subject Snow Thrills (a part of the "Sport Parade" series). During the opening of the short, Servo comments, "Hal Roach presents an 'Our Gang' comedy."
Mst3k sinbad
"The Magic Voyage of Sinbad"
August 14, 1993
One scene in the film features two characters (a young boy and an elderly man) that both bear a resemblance to Jackie Cooper. Crow takes note of this by stating, "The two stages of Jackie Cooper: young, old".
Mst3k i accuse parents
"I Accuse My Parents"
September 4, 1993
During the movie's opening credits, Joel comments, "Music by the Little Rascals".
Mst3k cheating
"The Wild World of Batwoman"
November 13, 1993
The episode's feature is accompanied by the educational short "Cheating." In one scene, the short's protagonist waits for a phone call in a dark room. One of the robots quips, "For depressing phone sex, dial 1-900-ALFALFA."

"Santa Claus"
December 24, 1993
In one scene, three boys are seen sitting on a curb, in a fashion reminiscent of the Rascals. Right on cue, Crow begins humming The Good Old Days tune. Later in the movie, Santa spots the three boys, and exclaims, "There you are, you little rascals." Tom Servo then begins humming The Good Old Days tune.
"Jack Frost"
July 12, 1997
In one scene, the step-sister of the film's ingénue is dressed in rather hideous make-up. Crow quips that it's "Alfalfa's greatest role!"
"Devil Doll"
October 4, 1997
Tom Servo describes Hugo the ventriloquist dummy as looking like "Alfalfa E. Neuman, doubling as a reference to Our Gang and MAD Magazine.
Mst3k neptune
"Invasion of the Neptune Men"
October 11, 1997
The opening titles feature rather inappropriate upbeat music. Mike quips that it "sounds like the Little Rascals are going to be in this."


  • The eighth episode of the second season features the 1951 film Lost Continent. Featuered in the cast is Hugh Beaumont, who had a bit part in the Our Gang short Good Bad Boys.
  • The thirteenth and seventeenth episode of the fourth season each feature a Rocky Jones, Space Ranger film (Manhunt in Space and Crash of the Moons, both of which are actually compiled from episodes of the Rocky Jones television series). Scott Beckett appears in both films; his character ("Winky") is frequently made fun of by the MST3K cast. In one scene, Winky sings a song that was actually written by Beckett. Also in the cast is Maurice Cass ("Mr. Cass" in the Our Gang film Arbor Day).
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