Mr. Henderson


Mr. Henderson is a clerk at the local Greenpoint Travelers Aid Station. After five orphans wander off a train from the nuns taking care of them, he gets assigned or rather drafted into taking five local youths confused as the orphans to catch up with the nuns. Confused as the orphans, Stymie, Sherwood, Wheezer, Spud, and Spanky overhear him call them "brats" and quickly learn that he doesn't like kids and give him the business. They repeatedly embarrass him by squirting him with ink, undoing his tie, removing his toupee, and Spanky hits him in the nose several times. The whole ordeal culminates with a novelty salesman giving the kids some noisemakers, Stymie accidentally letting the animals loose on the train and a loose monkey setting off the salesman's fireworks. By time the train reaches its destination, Mr. Henderson, the boys and all the passengers are in varying levels of injury. Upon departing the train, Mr. Henderson arrives to get the telegram informing him of the mistake, the real orphans have been found and to bring the boys back home.

Mr. Henderson was played by actor Del Henderson.


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