The Morrison-Hoskins Family is one of the low income families living close to the Tenement District in Greenpoint. Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison mentions his father rides a horse at the Greenpoint Horse Track but later, Farina claims he's in jail in School's Out, suggesting their father gets in a lot of trouble in betting on the races. However, Farina also claims he traded his brother for a goat in Bouncing Babies, and in School's Out, that his mother has been married three times so it's hard to take his word on much of anything. Mrs. Morrison earns income by taking in laundry for clients such as J. William McAllister. Her sons, Ernie and Farina deliver the laundry twice a week, shown in shorts such as Saturday Morning, Tire Trouble and The Smile Wins, but they along with the other neighborhood kids have several money making ventures such as lemonade stands and shoe shining among others. Ernie's brother, Pineapple works in a local salon in The Love Bug. Farina also has minor jobs at Mack's Market in Helping Grandma and at the Greenpoint Civic Center as a page in Pups Is Pups. However, when Ernie goes away to school, Faina is left with his little sister, Mango, to help deliver the laundry. Unfortunately, by The Smile Wins, Ernie's mother falls behind in the laundry and can't pay the rent. That's when the gang gets together to convince the landlord there's oil on the property and he pays the family for the property from his own pocket for the property.
The family also includes Aunt Jackson from The Love Bug and Uncle Tom from Bring Home The Turkey.


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