Melinda is a trained chimpanzee who escapes from the circus when its train wrecks. After apparently reading the story of her escape in the local newspaper, she meets Buckwheat at an old abandoned house. Spanky, Froggy, and Mickey don't believe Buckwheat when he tells them of the spook at the haunted house that looks like a monkey and attempt to teach him a lesson about lying. Froggy is dressed in a monkey suit and hides in the old house to scare Buckwehat, but Melinda gets there first, and hangs Froggy on a coat hook by his suspenders. When the others arrive, Melinda chases Buckwheat around, and eventually captures him and hangs him up in the same manner. Soon Spanky and Mickey are hanging alongside. Then the circus owners track Melinda down and unhook the boys. As the circus people are about to take her away, Melinda grabs some passes to give to the gang so they can see her at the circus.

Melinda was played by actor Billy Curtis, a small person in the chimpanzee suit.


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