Mary Wade

Mary Wade


Mary Wade is the affluent and winsome daughter of local Greenpoint philanthropist Mr. Wade who sponsors Happy Home Orphanage, possibly after converting it from Happyland Home Orphanage. What no one is aware of is that Mr. and Mrs. Crutch, hired to run the place, are skimping on practically everything and selling the kids' toys and clothes for their own pockets, later putting on an false facade for Mr. Wade to make it appear that the money is going to the kids. Seeing the kids as seemingly happy and content, Mary and her boyfriend, Dick, discover a magic lamp to allow them to become young again. In their juvenile state, they discover the true nature of the Crutchs, quickly taking away the new clothes and toys of the kids and dousing them all with castor oil before bed. Dick escapes to bring Mr. Wade to discover the truth. Mary meanwhile is doing all she can to protect Spanky McFarland, who helped Dick to escape. When her father arrives, he doesn't recognize her, and Mary must use the lamp to return to normal, stunning her father and surprising the Crutchs. Returned to normal by the lamp, Mary and her father make sure the orphanage is run correctly without the Crutchs.

Mary Wade was played as an adult by actress Doris McMahan and as an kid by Olive Brasno.


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