Dolls resembling Mickey, Joe, Jackie, and Farina. They are being held by Mary's garderner.


Mary's Dolls are four figures which greatly resemble Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, and Farina Hoskins. Since Mary is so lonely, her family's kindly gardener buys the dolls as a gift to her. Mary adores the dolls, and reads to them and inserts them into a fairy tale, before falling asleep and perhaps dreaming of them romping about her room. Mary's governess, on the other hand, is a no-nonense diciplinarian who disapproves of dolls and anything else fun. When the governess comes to Mary's room, the dolls resume the positions Mary left them in before she fell asleep, but the governess snatches them and throws them in the garbage.

When Mary awakes she is despondent upon finding her new dolls missing. Frantic, she searches the house and then runs outside, and sees the four boys who greatly resemble the dolls. The boys had been delivering laundry to her house or poassibly another on the same block, as Mary has to run a ways to a corner to meet them. She comes to the conclusion that her dolls have come to life, and invites them into her house.

The governess returns to find the boys in the house, and goes for the police. While doing so, the gardener finds the dolls in the garbage and takes them back to Mary. Mickey explains that the boys get paid a dollar per week to act as models for a doll-making couple, so that Mary isn't dreaming. They hatch a plot to make the governess look crazy, arranging the dolls on the floor so that the policeman finds the dolls instead of the real boys. Mary helps convince the policeman that the governess is indeed crazy, and she is taken away.


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