Character: Bubbles
Birthday: December 28, 1929
Place of Birth: California
Date of Death: October 19, 1986
Place of Death: Los Angeles, California
First Short: Hi'-Neighbor!
Last Short: Pay As You Exit
Number of Shorts: 3 (unconfirmed)
History: Marvin Arthur Strin (ala Marvin Trin) was brought into Our Gang in 1934 as a possible replacement to Harold Wertz, but like Harold, he was mostly a peripheral character behind George McFarland as Spanky as the burgeoning star. After his Rascals experience, he left acting to have a normal life. He attended UCLA in 1952 and served as a senior partner in an accounting firm before going into the health-care industry in 1969. He was chief executive and and vice-chairman of Nu-Med, the Encino-based medical chain, when he died from cancer at Sherman Oaks Community Hospital. He was 56.
It should be noted that Maltin and Bann confused many of his "appearances" with that of other similar looking boy actors, namely William Wolfstone and Joe Strauch Jr.. Marvin made only one confirmed appearance as Marvin "Bubbles" Trin in Hi'-Neighbor!, his later appearances most likely actually filled in by other boys.

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