Marianne Edwards with George McFarland


Name: Marianne (Edwards)(Taylor)
Nick Name: None
Played By: Marianne Edwards
Born:  1930
Relatives: Jane (sister)
Clubs: None
First Short: For Pete's Sake
Last Short: The Pinch Singer


Bio: Marianne is a rather peripheral member of the Little Rascals. Despite being at the center of one of their exploits, not much is known about her. She is the baby sister of Jane, the love interest of Wally Albright, and after Leonard's mischief ruins the doll she sleeps with, Wally takes it upon himself to replace the doll, but it is possible he did it more to prove himself to Jane than to win Marianne's approval. There is no sign of parents for Jane or Marianne; in fact, they are both later seen living at Happy Home Orphanage in Shrimps For A Day. She is later seen attending Adams Street Grammar School in Teacher's Beau and in the crowd when the gang tries to lure business to Gus's Lemonade Stand.
Marianne is also a perfect double for Daisy Dimple and Marianne Jones. Daisy is one of the contestants in a radio station talent show in Beginner's Luck trying to earn money to buy a dress, but is overcome with stage fright and unable to perform. Spanky takes a liking to her and vows to win the competition and give the prize money to her. Daisy is possibly seen again in singing on the radio in The Pinch Singer.
Marianne Jones is the daughter of Mr. Jones, the new truant officer, in Sprucin' Up. All the boys show up at the house to make friends with her father through her, but only Spanky and Alfalfa actually make it into the house. She ends up abandoning them to rejoin her old boyfriend Percy.
Quotes: None


None known

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